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Draw It Out

Draw It Out - 16oz Restore A Horse Miracle Salve

Draw It Out - 16oz Restore A Horse Miracle Salve

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Introducing Draw It Out® Restore a Horse, the ultimate solution for equine care. Our proprietary Restorative Blend combines natural ingredients like Carrot Seed Oil, Thyme Extract, Activated Charcoal, Manuka Honey, Calendula & Chamomile, and Capillary Wormwood to restore your horse to its optimal health.
Our unique blend of ingredients is specially formulated to tackle the daily challenges of horse ownership, including skin conditions and injuries. Carrot Seed Oil, for example, is rich in anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, making it an excellent choice for horses that are prone to skin conditions.
Our liquid-gel salve formula is thick enough to stick where you need it but viscous enough to be deep penetrating, ensuring that the restorative properties of our blend reach the affected area, providing fast and effective relief.
Be prepared for any situation and have Draw It Out® Restore a Horse Miracle Salve on hand. Trust us, your horse will thank you!


What makes our Blend Special?
Thyme Extract

Carrot Seed Oil

Activated Charcoal

Manuka Honey

Calendula & Chamomile

Capillary Wormwood

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