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Branded Cactus Decor

Branded Cactus Decor- Equine Bug Freshies

Branded Cactus Decor- Equine Bug Freshies

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🦗Bug Freshies🪰 

🦟 I have different types like cow heads, steer heads, and cactus coming in. If your hoping for a specific type, put it in your order notes when you access your cart.

🦗Last 6-10 weeks (a year in the bag they come in)

🪰Great for turning horses out when you can't spray them daily

🦟Clip them on your saddle, blankets, halter or braid in the mane or tail or use them on your camera bag or stroller

🪰 $15 for a pack of 2 plus shipping

🐜These can go by lettermail or tracked shipping depending on quantity.

- I used these for the rest of the summer once I found out about them, they were great when I didn't have fly sheets on and then I didn't have to be out spraying all the time!

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